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Savannah Voll recites "The Snow Queen of Singapore"

Waterloo Region poet Savannah Voll reads her poem "The Snow Queen of Singapore".

Tanis MacDonald reads "How No Works"

Waterloo Region Poet Tanis MacDonald reads her poem "How No Works".

Ciarán Myers presents "Discretion"

Waterloo Region Ciarán poet reads his poem "Discretion"

Savannah Voll recites "Refraction"

Waterloo Region Poet Savannah Voll recites her poem "Refraction".

Nathaniel Voll shares "Coronavirus in Spring"

Waterloo Region poet Nathaniel Voll shares the poem "Coronavirus in Spring" for the Midtown Poetry Project.

Nathaniel Voll shares "Canada Day Fireworks"

Nathaniel Voll shares the poem "Canada Day Fireworks" for the Midtown Poetry Project.

Beth Lanigan recites "Yearning Distance"

Waterloo Region poet Beth Lanigan recites her poetic monologue "Yearning Distance" for Midtown Poetry Project.

Grace Brown reads "Solidarity in Sorrow and Strength"

Waterloo Region poet Grace Brown reads her poem "Solidarity in Sorrow and Strength".

Christina MacArthur shares "A Choice"

Waterloo Region poet Christina MacArthur reads her poem "A Choice"

Shawn Flanagan reads "Brewing Your Own Ails"

Waterloo Region poet Shawn Flanagan reads his poem "Brewing Your Own Ails" as part of the Midtown Poetry Project.

Midtown Poetry Project Trailer

Introducing Midtown Poetry Project, hosted by Melissa Bowman. A space for Waterloo Region poets to share their work and stories.

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